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devlog: postmortem for 2019

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## More info

You can read the [devlog](/devlog) where I document my progress daily. Mostly
you can see me fail, which is quite fun.
You can read the [devlog](/devlog) where I document my progress. Mostly you can
see me fail, which is quite fun. The log as of now is a story of me trying to
get started in one of the last weeks of 2019, getting sick, and not getting very
far at all. I intend to carve out some more time soon.


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# Postmortem: Building an IDE for Carp in Pharo in December 2019

In the last week of 2019, I wanted to start building an IDE for Carp in Pharo
Smalltalk. I was unable to make much headway during that time, and I was able
to identify two factors that held me back:

- Firstly, I was fairly inexperienced with the tools Pharo provides for working
with programming languages. While I am somewhat aware of SmaCC, FAMIX, and
Moose, I was not sure how they fit together, and I decided to focus on
creating a connection to the compiler and parsing it’s results myself first.
This proved to be annoyingly hard to do, which demotivated me.
- I got sick. I was unable to work more than one or two hours a day due to a
cold, which of course slowed me down tremendously also, and obliterated
basically all of the motivation I still had left.

In the end, I didn‘t get very far, but that‘s okay. I‘m not in a rush to get my
ideas out and mostly investigate to satisfy my own self intellectual curiosity,
misguided as it might or might not be.