A useful IDE for Carp
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pond is an attempt at building a useful IDE for a static language with a smart compiler.

Within the caleidoscope of inference, blood and silicone become friends.
The fish nibble on clammy fingers, and the machine sings me a lullaby:
a dream within a dream of knowledge only it possesses.


This is extremely early stage, but you’ll need OSSubprocess support in Pharo. To get it, run:

Metacello new
 	baseline: 'OSSubprocess';
 	repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/OSSubprocess:master/repository';

in a playground.

More info

You can read the devlog where I document my progress. Mostly you can see me fail, which is quite fun. The log as of now is a story of me trying to get started in one of the last weeks of 2019, getting sick, and not getting very far at all. I intend to carve out some more time soon.

Have fun!